Maybe you just want to renovate your bathroom with a simple swap of your old vanity, toilet and sink for a quick face lift. Or maybe you want to completely re-imagine your bathroom. Either way, there’s much to consider when deciding on renovating your bathroom. If you want to redo your bathroom, but are unsure of where to start, here are a few helpful tips.


Like with any home renovation project you should make sure you go into the planning process with a budget in mind. Knowing this will help create the framework needed to know how much you will be able to allocate to each aspect of the project. Once you know your budget, contact us to come give you an estimate and help you create a plan to create the right bathroom for your needs in your budget. 


As tempting as it may be to completely change the layout of your bathroom, if you are able to, leave the layout as is. With how much plumbing and electrical is in a bathroom, changing the layout can make a straightforward bathroom renovation a much longer and more expensive project. This will restrict what you are able to do within your budget or force you to expand your budget. 

Making the Most of the Space

The average bathroom isn’t by any means the biggest room in your house. As you are trying to re-imagine your current layout to fit everything your dream bathroom has, make sure you don’t over complicate and leave yourself with a cramped bathroom. A well designed bathroom should leave space to move easily between furniture and fixtures. Also, be aware of how much storage space you need in your bathroom and make sure you don’t sacrifice storage space in your new design. 

The Little Extras 

While renovating your bathroom there are a few small things that you can opt for that will really help add a lot to your bathroom and put the finished product over the top. 

  • Upgrade the fan. If you are going to upgrade your whole bathroom, make sure you replace the old noisy exhaust fan with a new much quieter one. Even if you’ve grown used to your current fan and doesn’t seem that loud to you, an updated one will make a huge difference. 
  • Outlets? Does your current bathroom have enough outlets for all your needs or would a few extra ones help make the room more practical for you and all who will be using it? 
  • Vanity size. If you have the room opt for a larger bathroom vanity. This will allow for more storage space as well as more counter space. This will also allow for a larger mirror and light above the vanity. 
  • Recessed lighting. You don’t want your brand new bathroom to feel dark and dim. To solve this issue, consider adding a few recessed pot lights throughout the ceiling, especially over the shower or tub area to really brighten up the room and shine proper lighting on your beautiful new bathroom. 

Ready to take the plunge?

And replace your current bathroom with a dream one? We’d love to chat!


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