The living room is where we tend to spend a lot of our free time, so it needs to be an inviting space where the whole family will feel welcomed. Here we’ll talk about five smart upgrades you can make to your living space to liven it up and make it the perfect cozy space, all without breaking the bank.

Admittedly, if you are not so good at home renos, you may need to hire expert help like a professional home renovation or general contractor. Still, for most of our suggestions, we are sure you can manage nicely.

1. Plan Around A Scheme

When planning to spruce up your living room, one of the most useful things you can do is plan and plan around a scheme. We are talking about a plan that involves a color palette with carefully selected accent pieces that will make your place inviting and relaxing.

You can consult a contractor for any important things like moving or opening a wall. Also, a visit with a designer is not against the rules, as they can provide valuable advice on how to incorporate a theme around your living room to make it the preferred family space.

2. Refresh/Restore Vintage Furniture

If you are on a tighter budget but still wish to upgrade and spruce up your living space, then you can refresh your old furniture to give it a new life. Take a more in-depth look at your storage space; this is the perfect opportunity to restore that pair of vintage sitting chairs you inherited from your grandparents.

Sometimes it only takes some new fabric to reupholster your sofa and some new throw pillows. Other times it may take some more efforts, where you will need to consult a home renovation company near you, but the effects will be stunning.

3. Use Repurposed Items

When we talk about sprucing a living space, then mix and match is the way to go. You can add repurposed items around the space, giving it a cozier, homelier feel. This trend began back in the day with college students, but it became mainstream because of its many possibilities.

A suggestion to this would be to a coffee table from a log slice, or maybe a vintage door transformed into an exciting club table. The only limit is your imagination, but you may need the expert help from a home renovation contractor for some of these.

Repurposed Items

4. Add Unexpected Storage

When we are talking about using repurposed items in your living space, we need to mention that you can also use some of these to add unexpected but much-needed storage space. It can be in the form of an old trunk that will serve as both a coffee table and as storage for your extra blankets.

The same goes for a side table made from stacked travel cases. Maybe an old ladder as a blanket shelf in the corner. Or a coffee table from four wood crates bolted on rolling wheels. All of these are simple yet effective items that you probably already own lying around the house, and they would be excellent additions to cozy up a family space.

5. Smart Shelves And Custom Art

Every living area needs trinkets and lovely décor to transform it from just a room into a space where the family will enjoy spending time together. Think in terms of unorthodox shelves that will liven up space and will give you the chance to show off your family photos.

5.	Smart Shelves And Custom Art

Also, some custom art would not hurt. A simple yet smart and effective decorating tip to make your space unique – make a collage from your family images, have it printed on a canvas and hang it as a centerpiece in the living space. Add several potted plants for a green effect, and you are all set. Follow us for more creative ideas and your next home improvement project.



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