When to Hire a Renovations Contractor in South Surrey

Redecorating your home can be a lot of fun – especially when you decide to participate. However, not all projects need to go down the DIY route, nor do all of them need a professional contractor. Read on for our top tips on how to decide when to hire professional contractors like Toledo Renovations in South Surrey and what kinds of projects are great fun to do yourself.

  • Assess the project

Home renovations projects can be something as simple as painting one wall a fresh new colour or more complex like refitting an entire kitchen or bathroom. One of the first things to consider when deciding to hire a contractor is whether you have the ability, time, and equipment to carry out a renovation job. 

If you’ve never participated in a redecoration project before, it can be good idea to start with something really small – like upcycling a piece of furniture or painting a feature wall – to see how much you enjoy the process and see how handy you are. Does your project require specialized knowledge or equipment? If so, hire a contractor – it’s easier to watch someone carrying out refurbishment work on YouTube than actually doing it yourself. Also, some equipment can be quite expensive and need professional training to use.

  • How much time do you have?

Renovation projects can take time. It’s important to be honest with how much time you can really put into a project when going the DIY route. Will you be taking time off work to complete the project or are you ok with having a gaping hole in your living room wall for a few months? Is your family going to be ok with it? 

A contractor will typically get work done much faster than just one person working on the project in the evenings or on weekends. Additionally, they will also have a team of reliable subcontractors, like electricians and plumbers for example, on hand to help carry out the work.

  • Do you need licenses and permits?

Any job that involves structural changes to your home is likely to require permits. It will also need to undergo inspections to make sure everything is up to code. A professional renovations contractor will know exactly what building permits you need in South Surrey and will be licensed to carry out the work. 

In case you’re going to sell your property, having a licensed contractor carry out the work will also mean that any future buyers will know that the work carried out was up to code.

  • The best of both worlds

Having a trusted contractor will mean your project will be completed within time, on-budget, and will look great too. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the renovations either. You can be a part of it all by carrying out small tasks like shopping around for fixtures or wallpaper or painting furniture. Let the professionals carry out the heavy work.

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