Home improvement will not only make your home very attractive, but can also boost its value when you are set to move. However, many home improvements projects do not really add value to your home. As a matter of fact, some improvements have the ability to detract from the initial asking price if you decide to sell. On the other hand, some renovations can significantly add great value to your home.

The question is what are the home renovations you should be investing in? Our article has provided some useful tips for home renovation projects that can significantly add great value to your home. To learn more about this, kindly scroll down and continue reading.

Top Five Renovation Ideas to Significantly Add Value to Your Property


1. Work on the Kitchen’s Model

Many people consider the kitchen as the heart of every home and due to this, improvements around this space can pay off.  HGTV stated that you can recoup sixty percent to one hundred and twenty percent of your investment on a kitchen renovation; so long you avoid going overboard. 

You have to be careful of not making your kitchen way fancier than the rest of your home or your neighborhood.

A little painting goes a long way to elevating the looks of your kitchen. Also, you want to replace old appliances with new models that are energy-efficient. Energy Star-rated appliances can help you save money because they require less energy to function, and they are also better for the environment. 

2. Reinvent a Room

It can be very expensive to add more square footage to your home with a new space or room. Projects like this can easiest get out of control, and usually home owners don’t get a positive return on investment. 

To save money, reinvent existing space in your home. Convert the attic to a bedroom or finish a basement. You may be able to add small units over, or in your garage and then rent as a room. Try to think about ways you and your potential buyers intend to use the space before demolishing rafters and walls:

* Basements can work excellently as a game room or a second living room. You can also turn this area into a sizeable apartment for a tenant or an old relative. 

* Versatile rooms have excellent appeal to buyers. 

* Attic spaces can work well for game rooms and craft rooms, especially if the basement has high ceilings. You can create a play room and include swings to the rafters if you have kids.  

A typical basement renovation in addition of a wet bar costs sixty-four hundred dollars, according to the annual Cost vs. Value report of Remodeling Magazine.  You can do the work yourself and save a great portion of the expenses. Even at that, it can be expensive to add a new room.  

3. Bathroom Addition

Take a look at underutilized spaces or any extra rooms when it comes to searching for a room for an extra bathroom.  Consider other spaces like areas under the stairs, closets too. You will require a minimum of eighteen square feet if you desire a half-bath. But if you require a full bath, which includes a stand-up shower, you will need a minimum of thirty square feet. 

Ensure that you have at least thirty-five square feet if you desire a bathtub. The expenses of adding a bathroom largely depends on the kinds of accessories and additions that you desire to use as well as the price of each of the items. 

4. Add Energy-Efficient Windows

Now more than ever, buyers buy homes, putting energy-efficiency in mind. Drafty, old single-pane windows are a turn off.  Bearing this in mind, you want to go for these windows and save some bucks in the long run. 

According to Energy Star , including Energy star-rated windows can save you up to five hundred dollars annually in cooling and heating costs by causing your home to be more energy-efficient. 

5. Basic Updates

To add the most value to your home, you want to pay attention to basic updates. Replace woods that rots, fix the roof when it leaks, get rid of any mold you find, and keep the paint fresh.  Doing these things will save your home from deteriorating over time. 

Buyers desire a safe, healthy, solid home, and they carefully look for evidences of routine maintenance.  To keep your home in tip-top form, replace the plumbing, electric wiring, repaint outside, and the interior. Do these to keep your home in great shape so that when you decide to sell again, buyer can see a home that is well taken care of. 


There are many options for home renovation projects that can add prestige to your home. It is important to note that home renovations do not pay off like they did some decades ago. This is why if you intend to remodel, you want to concentrate your energy on smaller projects to will make your home more pleasant to potential buyers. Focus your effort on small upgrades that will add comfort and character to your home. We hope that our article has given your some tricks and tips on how to add value to your home and take it to a whole new level.