Where is the line between trendy and timeless? This is a question that can cross your mind as you start planning your renovation. The last thing you want is to invest in a renovation that feels dated within a few years. While finding the balance between trendy and timeless can prove challenging, it is very possible to walk away with a finished product that looks amazing in the moment, and also stands up to the test of time.


One of the main areas that makes a reno feel dated quickly, is color choice. It seems that each year there is a new unique color scheme that is “in.” While it’s tempting to follow these trends to add a splash of life to your reno, they can go out of style quickly. For a timeless look, try to stay with neutral colors such as white, gray or taupe.

If you want something that holds more personality, get creative with your features and temporary furnishings that can be updated as the times change.


A great way to walk the line between timeless and trendy is in your material choices. High quality and durable material should be the priority when looking at your options. Whether it’s new flooring, tile for the backsplash, or options for kitchen cabinets, choose material that will last.

When determining your budget for the renovation, make sure you aren’t skimping on material quality. Material fixtures and appliances that don’t hold up over time, will quickly make your new space look dated and well used.

Do your research as you begin to make decisions on material, to find what works for you. Use Pinterest, supplier showrooms, and other options, to get a feel for what design direction you want to go in. Once you know the direction, choose materials that will amplify and support your design decisions over time.


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