It doesn’t have to take a huge price tag to give your bathroom a facelift. While most renovations to upgrade a bathroom can come with a pretty hefty price tag to the homeowner, there are ways to sidestep some of the bigger costs and still give yourself a bright, new bathroom.


1. Keep the layout the same

Changing the layout of your bathroom will instantly raise the price of your renovation. Having to move plumbing and electrical to accommodate the new layout takes extra time, material and labour which will all end up costing you more. If your bathroom flows well already, try to stay away from changing the layout.


2. Refacing cabinets instead of replacing

Sometimes, all your vanity needs is a simple refacing. We can take the old countertop, sink and doors off and replace those on your existing vanity. You would be amazed at how modern a simple refacing can make your current vanity look while also saving you some money.


3. Keeping your existing tub

Replacing your tub or shower base can get pricey. A great way around this is to keep your existing tub or shower base if they are in good condition. By going this route, we can still replace the faucets and tile surrounding the tub/shower. This will give your bathroom a brand new feel while saving time and lowering the cost.


4. Bathroom fan

The bathroom fan can be a forgotten item when it comes to updating your bathroom. Over the years though they can grow louder and take on lots of humidity. If you are going to redo your bathroom, it’s often a wise call to replace your fan. However, instead of replacing the whole assembly (which will often include drywall work) a simple fan motor replacement is possible for most models. This will allow you to install a brand new fan without having to replace the whole housing of the fan.


These are a few simple ways to save money that we have discovered over the years. Keep them in mind when planning to upgrade your bathroom.


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