The desire for more space is often a huge reason people decide to undertake a kitchen renovation. Finding the best solution for your space starts in the planning process. That’s when you’re exploring the options to not only optimize your current space, but also to add more. Making the right choices during the planning stage will allow you to not only have a new kitchen, but also a spacious one. 

Cabinet Choices  

Regardless of what concept and style you go for in your kitchen, making the right choices with cabinet layout will help maximize space. Using the corners by installing large corner cabinets will give you all the space you could ever need for storage. There are also many amazing customizations that can be added to your lower cabinets that make everyday use and storage easy and compact. 

With your upper cabinets, consider opting for cabinets that go up to the ceiling. This will offer you tons of extra storage space behind closed doors (instead of piling items up on top of your cabinets). Tall cabinets will also help your kitchen look bigger and more spacious. 

Open it Up 

If a bigger kitchen is on your checklist, consider the possibility of extending the current layout of your kitchen. Talk with your contractor to see if this is a feasible option that will flow with the rest of your house.  This will involve more planning and possibly bringing in a structural engineer, if removing a wall is in the picture. Extending your previous kitchen boundary is a great way to completely reimagine your kitchen space.  

Strategic Lighting 

Strategic lighting choices can go a long way to help accent the kitchen layout you have chosen and make it feel more spacious. Different lights that highlight different areas help add different depth and layers to your kitchen.

Beyond light fixtures, get creative with other ways to add more light to your kitchen. Swapping out your kitchen windows for larger ones, or adding a skylight, will allow more natural light to come in. Choosing lighter paint tones will help the room appear bigger than it is. 

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