The possibility of renovating your bathroom and kitchen—two of the most commonly used rooms in your house—at the same time can sound daunting. The truth though, is that if done correctly, renovating these two rooms simultaneously, can save you time and money, while giving you two beautifully updated rooms. Here are our top benefits of renovating them at the same time. 

Save Time

While tackling both rooms at once will take more time than if you were to only renovate one—doing them together will take less time than if you were to do them consecutively. From demo and drywalling, to plumbing and countertops, proper coordination can allow these sub-trades to combine progress in both rooms in single trips. This helps the work proceed quickly, allowing you to get your privacy and your home back from being a construction zone sooner.

Save Money

Whenever you can save time in a renovation project, you are likely also saving money. Materials can be bought in bulk, saving money. Sub-trades can focus on both rooms at the same time, allowing less trips, translating to less cost. Countertops can be cut from the same material and installed on the same trip. With many of the same materials going into both rooms, doing them at the same time creates multiple opportunities to save you money.

Cohesion from Room to Room

Renovating both rooms at the same time allows you to pick a general theme, that will flow from one room to the next. From lighting, to paint colors, planning both simultaneously allows you to choose fixtures, appliances and colors that play well with each other while allowing each room to have its own feel.



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