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One of the most over-looked rooms in the house is the basement. And yet, it can have so much potential. We want to help make your basement become the space of your dreams. Do you have teenagers that need their own space, or maybe this area can generate additional income by turning it into a rental suite, or maybe a room for a home based business. Whatever your plans are, the basement is a blank canvas that can meet your goals. With our years of experience, let our basement renovation contractors in Langley, guide you, step by step, with your reno dreams.

Setting a Basement Renovation Budget

How much are you able to afford for your basement renovation project? Knowing your budget before we come in for an estimate will help you know what you have to work with and help us offer you a quicker and more accurate estimate that fits within your budget. 

What to Consider When Planning Your Basement Reno Budget

When planning your basement renovation budget, consider how much you are willing to spend on each element.

Some areas demand more investment such as:

  • Structural changes to ceiling height, or adding walls
  • Rental Suite additions — bathroom and kitchen cabinets and fixtures
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Hard wood flooring
  • Addition of gas fireplace

Other areas can be budgeted with less spending in mind:

  • Vinyl or tile flooring
  • Addition of electric fireplace
  • Cosmetic Upgrades – painting walls and ceiling, window coverings
  • Floor or table lighting
What is the Most Expensive Part of Remodeling the Basement?

Many older houses come with basements that were originally intended for storage, therefore the ceilings are quite low when compared to other rooms in the house.

If you need to have higher ceilings in the basement of your dreams, the only way to do so would be to lower the floor. This will add significant costs as your contractor will need to dig up the old floor and pour a new cement floor. Adding walls will be one of the more expensive elements as well, and should only be done by professionals as any structural changes require building permits.

How Much Will Labour Add to the Basement Renovation Budget?

A good budget will plan on allocating one-third of your budget for labour. Depending on the type of basement reno you are planning, your costs may include some of the following:

Architect: A major renovation, like adding a rental or in-law suite, one that completely changes the footprint of the room, may require an architect. The average small or medium-sized basement reno project does not require the services of an architect though.

Designer: Adding a rental suite may also benefit from a hiring a designer, someone to collaborate with on bringing your ideas to life.

General Contractor: It’s possible to not hire a designer and lean on the contractor’s extensive experience. They’ll oversee the project and coordinate the other skilled trades people.

Plumber: If new plumbing is required, for example adding a bathroom, or moving the location of the washer and dryer, then a plumber will be brought in by the contractor.

Electrician: Adding or removing lighting or electrical outlets will require an electrician who will be brought in by the contractor.

Carpenter: Built in storage shelves may be buit by a carpenter.


Layout Planning

When it comes to your basement, especially if you want it to be a rental suite, you will want to think through layout, as well as design, on the front end. Consider the type of renters you hope to attract. What are they looking for? What will lead them to select your basement rental suite over others, and work backwards from there. 

Most basements have electrical and plumbing already roughed-in. Try to layout your space in a way that works with these roughed-in locations, as having to move or add to what exists can add to the cost quickly. 

What to Expect from Your Langley Contractor for your Basement Renovation

As your contractor, we will be in constant communication with you as we explore best options to make your basement the room of your dreams. Bring us all your questions, and we will answer all concerns.

We understand all the legal and safety precautions and requirements. We’ll obtain all needed Langley permits throughout the build.

If there are ever any complications or unforeseen aspects that come to the surface, we will bring them to your attention, along with our proposed solutions.

Our goal is to work alongside you as we turn your current basement into an enjoyable space – whether that be an in-law suite, a games room or your dream home theatre.

How to Brighten Up Your Basement Space

Often ignored due to its dark, unfinished atmosphere, the basement can be one of the easiest spaces to brighten up. Your basement renovation contractor will guide you in choosing the best options to achieve a space to be enjoyed by all.


White Walls and Glass Doors. Painting walls white may seem boring, but having crisp white walls, will give the illusion of open space. You can always add color with accent trims, furniture, lamps, artwork, floor and window coverings.

If you are adding a rental suite, consider using glass doors to separate the living area from the bedroom. Large mirrors on the wall will give the illusion of added windows, and a more open space.


Ceilings and Flooring. Consider drop ceilings to cover the exposed beams, pipes and wires. This will help insulate agains noise as well as make the living space more comfortable.

Create a cozy space with wall to wall carpet. Or combine multiple floor types – bright area rugs over light vinyl plank flooring. A high pile rug will create warmth. For added heat during those long winter months, consider under-floor heating to take the chill off.


Lighting. Using different light sources will give the illusion of more space. Consider using a combination of pot lights, table lights, and pendant lights. A fancy chandelier or decorative hanging light fixture will draw the eye up, giving the illusion of more space.

Let’s Get Started on Turning Your Basement Renovation Dream into a Reality!

If you’re ready to renovate, contact us.  We’d love to hear your wishlist for your basement reno project. We’ll come do a walk-through to see the space and hear your vision. We’ll then get you an estimate and talk you through what the timeline and process will be to get the correct permits and get started!