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When it comes to your basement renovation, there’s lots that can go into it and we want to see your basement become the space you want it to be. Whether you want to transform it into an additional family room or turn it into a rental suite to help with your mortgage, your basement is a blank canvas waiting to become whatever you want it to be. Let our Cloverdale basement renovation contractors help guide you on your reno journey. 

Working With a Basement Renovation Budget

Do you know how much you want to spend on renovating your basement? Knowing this before we come in for an estimate will save time and money in helping us work toward a more accurate estimate that is in line with your plans. 


If you are turning your unused basement into a rental suite, allow for future income to play a part into how you decide your budget.  Do your research in advance, to know what the market is for rental suites in Cloverdale – this will help you gauge what your income will be, how big your budget can be, and how long it will take to see a return on your investment. 

What Does a Basement Renovation Cost?

According to Alpine Credits, typical basement renovations cost between $35 and $55 per square foot. These costs take into account the following areas:

  • Framing
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall
  • Insulation
  • Ceilings
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Foundation Repair
  • Building Permit
  • Interior Design and Furnishing costs to be added to the budget
Is a Basement Reno a Good Investment?

The addition of a bedroom or bathroom will increase the value of your property. Based on the lot size, you may not be able to add on to the property, but the basement allows you to add additional living space without zoning restrictions.

If you are considering a separate suite, having a rental unit is the biggest return on your real estate investment. The more you budget for the renovation, the more rent you will be able to collect, paying off your investment in less time.

What Extra Costs Should be Considered When Adding a Basement Suite?

If a basement suite is in your plans, you will need to consider some additional costs in the renovation.

  • Is it Legal? There may be extra building permits involved, depending on your area. Your renovation contractor will obtain any needed permits.
  • Is there a separate entrance? It will add to your budget if there isn’t one already there.
  • How high is the ceiling? If it’s not high enough, you will need to lower the floor which will add considerably to the overall cost.

The investment you make in a basement suite should see a return in 2 years. If you put $24,000 into the renovation and charge $1000.00 per month, you will pay it off in 2 years, which should be the intended goal.

Basement Design Ideas

There are so many ways to turn your current empty basement into a usable space:

  • Second Living Room — Many homeowners use the main floor living area for entertaining guests, while a second living area, or family room can be achieved in a less formal setting.
  • Additional Bedroom — A growing family or addtional space for overnight guests can be accommodated.
  • Additional Bathroom — A worthwhile convenience, the extra bathroom adds value to your home.
  • Designated Laundry Area — While many laundry rooms are already in the basement, maybe it’s time for an upgrade to add storage space and beauty to an underated room.
  • Additional Storage — We all love our stuff, and keeping it organized can be challenging. Declutter with built-in storage solutions.
  • Home Recording Studio — Let your band mates come over for some practice time. We can offer solutions in the best way to insulate for sound.
  • Wine Cellar — If you are thinking of sectioning off a small area of your basement or using a whole room for your wine collection, there are many wine storage solutions possible.
  • Home Theatre — Entertainment rooms remain a popular basement renovation project.
  • Home Gym — How convenient would it be to have your work-out area within steps of your living area, helping  to keep you on track with your fitness goals.
  • Rental Suite — Adding income as a mortgage helper, a rental suite will pay for itself in a relatively short time.
  • Home Based Business — Family Daycare, Hair Salon, Accounting Services and many other businesses that can operate successfully from the basement, with a separate entrance.

With so much potential, let us help you get started on the basement remodeling plans that suit your needs.


What to Expect from your Cloverdale Basement Reno Contractor

As your contractor, we will be in constant communication with you — updating you on each step of the project. No question goes unanswered!

We understand all the legal and safety precautions and requirements. We’ll obtain all needed Cloverdale building permits throughout the build.

If there are ever any complications or unforeseen issues that come to the surface, we will bring them to your attention, along with our proposed solutions.

Our goal is to work alongside you as we turn your current basement into a legal suite, a home theatre, or the home business of your dreams.

How Do I Make My Basement Not Feel Like a Basement?

There are many opportunities to make your basement a bright, comfortable living space.  Your contractor can help guide you in the best choices for your desired outcome in your basement renovation. Below are a few elements that contribute to giving your basement the warm atmosphere that will make you forget it is underground.


Wall Textures – Consider wood beams, brick or tile to add texture and interest. Painting over existing brick in white or a light coloured paint, will keep it bright and airy. Keeping paint tones neutral or white will help give the illusion of open space. You can always add color in the furnishings, artwork on the walls, and window coverings. 


Window Treatments – Most basements, being underground, tend to have small narrow windows near the ceiling. They may be small windows, but using larger window coverings helps give the illusion of larger windows. Full length window treatments will create height and texture to a wall. Also keep in mind that any vegetation outside the window may limit the light coming in. Keep shrubs and trees cut back as much as possible to allow as much light as possible to shine in.


Storage – If your main goal for your basement renovation is to provide a more organized storage space, let your contractor explore different ways of opening up the floor space, by using recessed shelves or floating shelves. Custom cabinets underneath the stairs are a great space saving option. Keeping the clutter behind closed cabinet doors will make the area feel less cramped and easier to maintain.

Let’s Get Started on Turning Your Basement Renovation Dream into a Reality!

If you’re ready to get started, contact us.  We’d love to hear your dreams for your basement renovation. We’ll come do a walk-through to see the space and hear your goals. We’ll then get you an estimate and discuss what the timeline and process will be to get the correct permits and get started!